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UK Releases 130 Terabytes of Oil and Gas Data

The UK Oil and Gas Authority (OGA) is making available to the public some 130 terabytes of well, geophysical, field, and infrastructure data through the launch of the UK Oil and Gas National Data Repository (NDR).

The dataset covers 12,500 offshore wellbores, 5,000 seismic surveys, and 3,000 pipelines over more than five decades. The release is intended to help promote new investment, technology, and exploration activity on the UK Continental Shelf, ultimately boosting recovery, the OGA said in a news release.

Europe’s controversial overhaul of online copyright receives final approval

The European Parliament has given final approval to the Copyright Directive, a controversial package of legislation designed to update copyright law in Europe for the internet age.

Members of parliament voted 348 in favor of the law and 274 against. A last-minute proposal to remove the law’s most controversial clause — Article 13 or the ‘upload filter’ — was narrowly rejected by just five votes. The directive will now be passed on to EU member states, who will translate it into national law.

Decryption tool created for ransomware designed to boost PewDiePie subscriptions

A PewDiePie fan has taken his admiration of the popular video game commentator a little too far, creating a ransomware designed to increase the YouTube star’s subscriber count.

Fortunately, anti-malware company Emsisoft last week announced a new a decryption tool that restores machines infected by the unusual malware, named “PewCrypt.”

On its website, Emsisoft describes PewCrypt as a Java-based ransomware that AES and RSA to encrypt files, while adding the extension “.PewCrypt”. The creator’s ransom note asks the victim to subscribe to PewDiePie and warns that the malware creator will not issue a decrypter tool unless and until PewDiePie reaches 100 million subscribers.

Malspam campaign leverages Boeing 737 Max tragedy

Threat actors are once again leveraging tragedy, this time sending spam messages concerning the recent Boeing 737 MAX crash which took place last week.

The campaign was discovered by 360 Threat Intelligence Center researchers who posted about the malicious campaign on Twitter.

Reports: Israeli officials’ devices hacked; data possessed by Iran

Hackers stole information from former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak’s computer and phone months ago and sold it to Iran, according to multiple news outlets, citing a TV report by Israel’s Channel 12 this past weekend.

The news reportedly broke several days after a separate Channel 12 story that said Iranian intelligence directly hacked the cell phone of Benny Gantz, former Chief of General Staff of the Israel Defense Forces, who is currently running for prime minister against incumbent Benjamin Netanyahu.