About Bis Threat Map

Orange Business Internet Security Threat Map presents the visualistion from a high overview perspective of the data gathered from the Orange Romania Business Internet Security agents deployed across Romania.

Understanding the raw data behind cyber attacks is not always intuitive. As a result, the impact and scale of the challenge can be easily overlooked. We hope this tool will help more people to understand the challenges posed by cyber attacks.

We also hope it triggers a dialogue about how we can work together to reduce the threat of cyber security incidents, improving your business security and the safety of your clients.


How comprehensive is the data?

It is impossible to fully visualise all the incidents on the map without causing a bad experience to the users who visits the Orange Business Internet Security Threat Map main page. While the data represented are sourced from the main sensors deployed in Romania, it is an incomplete picture. The data may misidentify or exclude attack activity, and is intended to present high level trends in significant attacks as they are observed by Orange Romania Business Internet Security.

Why I can't see detailed information about the incident?

Orange Business Internet Security Threat Map is a tool for displaying local activity in observed attack traffic from the Orange Business Internet Security clients - it is collected fully anonymously, and does not include any identifying information about the attackers or victims involved in any particular attack.

Does an attack's source country indicate the location of the attacker?

Not necessarily. The source of an attack can be (and often is) spoofed making almost impossible to discover their original location. The destination IP is ussually less common to hijack and falsify.

Countries with high bandwidth are prime locations for building zombie networks like botnets, so attack traffic will often be seen as coming from these countries even if the botnet is actually commanded from somewhere else in the world.


Orange Business Internet Security

Business Internet Security is an Orange service that provides, in a surprisingly easy way:

  • Visibility over who uses the Internet connection and what is taking up precious bandwidth
  • Control of the usage, by limiting or completely blocking certain types of content, websites and applications
  • An effective next-generation firewall that detects and prevents intrusion attempts in real time
  • Real-time scanning and blocking of viruses, bots and other malware, instantly protecting all employees
  • Detection and blocking of spam e-mails to improve security and productivity
  • Continuous monitoring of security incidents inside the company, through a team of professionals that will suggest and deploy improvements of the security policy


BIT SENTINEL is a cyber security company which aims to help businesses identify & mitigate vulnerabilities in their infrastructure, reduce the risk of cyber attacks by offering a variety of services including penetration testing, malware protection, cyber attacks recovery, 0day attacks mitigation, security audit, trainings and competitions. The BIT SENTINEL team developed Orange Business Internet Security Threat Map.

Pentest Tools

Pentest-Tools.com was started in 2013 from a practical need of the founder - who needed a reliable online resource to perform security tests from. Since then, the project has evolved into a fully fledged penetration testing and vulnerability assessment platform.


Dekeneas is an AI powered early detection system aimed at identifying watering hole attacks in online environments, assisted by powerful code instrumentation and analysis.


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